The seminarian Process

begins with relationship

becoming a priest 

 takes time, engagement, and community

Candidates for the seminary in the Archdiocese of Newark come from a great variety of backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life.  Regardless of where you are on this journey, the process of becoming a priest in the Archdiocese of Newark  can be broken down into three stages, all designed to help foster a spirit of growth and discernment in community with others: Inquiry, Aspirancy, and Application to Seminary.  

"No man lives alone, no man believes alone. God speaks His word to us and in speaking it calls us together, creates a community, His people, His Church"

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Am I being called to the priesthood? Could God actually want me to be His priest?  How can I know for sure? 

Newark Priest exists to help young men discern the answers to these sorts of questions.  The first step is simply starting a relationship with us --we can help you ask better questions and provide a community of fellow brothers seeking answers.

Inquiry is a period of time during which an interested candidate inquires after God's will for his life.  While less formal than the next two stages, it is best pursued under the guidance of the Vocations Office at Newark Priest.

After a period of Inquiry, an interested candidate will embark on a year-long period of formal discernment called Aspirancy.  The Aspirancy Program is the first step towards serious discernment with the Archdiocese of Newark.

The purpose of the Aspirancy Program is to assist men in the prayerful consideration of that question: am I called to the priesthood? Through this active and exclusive discernment program, an Aspirant can discover how God is calling him to give of himself to Christ and His Church.

After a period of Aspirancy, the man will assuredly be able to make the decision to either enter the seminary or recognize that God may be calling him to religious or married life.

After a man completes the year-long Aspirancy Program he may be invited to apply to Seminary within the Archdiocese of Newark.  


Candidates for the seminary in the Archdiocese of Newark come from a great variety of backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. Some young men choose to inquire during high school. Others feel drawn to enter discernment during their college years or after a few years of working in a professional career. Each man is unique and everyone has a different story, which adds to the beauty of the priesthood in this Archdiocese.

Seminary is both the educational process of studying to become a priest and the last period of discernment before entering the priesthood.  A seminarian remains active in his discernment as he seeks to answer the question: am I called to be a priest?