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Lectio Divina is a centuries old tradition within the Church where we open ourselves to God's Word and allow Him to speak to our hearts.  As in any relationship, our prayer life must include both speaking and listening.  Here is a quick guide that can help you listen to God's Word as you discern. 

(Adapted from The Better Part by John Bartunek)


Take time out of each day to spend with the Lord, preferably before the Blessed Sacrament. Enter into the quiet with the Lord, acknowledging that He is present and He made the appointment to meet with you.  He has something to say to you!


Read through the Scripture passage slowly.  (Start with one of the Gospels-the Gospel of the day, perhaps.) If nothing strikes you or stands out to you. Wait a minute and read it again slowly.  Allow yourself to enter the scene. Find what strikes you and consider why, what does that mean? What does it have to do with my vocation?


From those questions, begin to have a conversation with the Lord.  Ask Him to guide your thoughts and respond to what He is saying to you. Your response will usually be praise (for the good things He blesses you with), contrition (for the wrong you have done), thanksgiving (for your gifts and talents), adoration (reaffirming your willingness to follow him). 


As things naturally quiet down, make a commitment to the Lord based on the conversation.  Thank the Lord for your time in prayer and close with a concluding prayer such as the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.

If during your time in prayer you become distracted, start at step 1 - Concentrate.  If nothing strikes you during the reading, do not worry; take your time and slowly move through the Scriptures.  This is not a time for reading as much of the Bible as you can, but allowing the Lord to speak to your heart.  Through this relationship, and the guidance of a Spiritual Director, you will come to know His will in your life.

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